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Knight Critical Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic&Ro Exe

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Knight is the most powerful class on Ragnarok Online. Critical Knights is usually recommended for newer players without funds. They have high HP and Aspd. It’s very good for single target killing. If you faced with many monsters. You can use Bowling Bash to kill them.


Critical Build Knight is click and wait build. They have high Flee and Aspd. Muramasa is recommended weapon for this build. It increase 30% critical rate and 8% Aspd when equip. But Muramasa not have slot.

Skill Build

Swordman Skill

Increase Hp Recovery 10
Sword Mastery 10
2H Sword Mastery 10
Bash 10
Magnum Break 3
Provoke 5
Endure 1

Knight Skill

2H Quicken 10
Counter Attack 5
Bowling Bash 10
Peco Peco Ride 1
Cavalier Mastery 5

Stats Build

Str 70-90
Agi 80-99
Vit 30-50
Int 1
Dex 30
Luk 30-45

Recommended Stats

Str 80
Agi 80
Vit 44
Int 1
Dex 30
Luk 45

Stat Allocation
@Initial Str9 Agi9 Dex9
@Lv20 Str9 Agi15 Dex30
@Lv50 Str9 Agi67 Dex30
@Lv70 Str50 Agi70 Dex30 Luk30
@Lv85 Str70 Agi80 Dex30 Luk37

Equipment Set 1 : Low Cost

Snake Head Hat
Sigrun’s Wing
+7 Muramasa
Pantie[Porcellio Card]
Undershirt[Whisper Card]
Boots [Matyr Card]

Equipment Set 2 : Hi-end Cost

Snake Head Hat
Sigrun’s Wing
Mob Scarf
+7 Muramasa
Pantie[Porcellio Card]
Undershirt[Whisper Card]
Boots [Matyr Card]
Jonin Sash[Kobold]

Equipment Set 3 : Luxury Cost

Snake Head Hat
Sigrun’s Wing
Mob Scarf
+7 Claymore [2 Assulter Card]
Pantie[Porcellio Card]
+7 Skin of Ladon[Whisper Card]
Boots [Matyr Card]
Jonin Sash[Kobold]
Jonin Sash[Kobold]

Recommended Gears

Headgear Upper

Snake Head Hat : Enable Double Attack Lv.5 for every weapon on every normal attack. It’s very good for critical knight after server implement double critical mechanism.
Peco Peco Hairband : Increase movement speed like Increase Agi buff (But Agi not increase.) and increase Aspd+5%

Headgear Middle

Sigrun’s Wing : I recommended this item for critical build. Increase Aspd+1. Yes. Just add 1 aspd directly. Awesome.
Angel Spirit : Str+2 , Hit+15. Knight not like Assassin. You should have some Hit for hit monster. Angel Spirit will help you.

Headgear Lower

Pink Angeling Bubble : It’s like Sigrun’s Wing. Aspd+1. It’s good but expensive.
CD in mount : This can make your knight to auto spell Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightening Bolt, Earth Spike, Soul Strike.
Fish in mount : Increase heal amount of Fresh Fish


Pantie : When equip with Undershirt. It give you Flee+10 and Agi+5. It’s very cheap and effective. You can get Pantie[1] by yourself by Super Novice class change quest.
Porcellio Card : Atk+25
Earth Deleter Card : Gain 10SP each time an enemy is killed. It’s very good when you’re mobbing monsters with Bolwing Bash.


Muramasa : Critical Rate+30% Aspd+8%. Basic weapon for everyone. Refine rate depend on your budget.
Claymore[2] : Very good when you mobbing monster by Blowing Bash.
Skel Worker Card : Atk+5, Increase 15% damage when attacking medium-size monster.
Hydra Card : Increase 20% damage when attacking demi-human monster.


Golden Angel Wing[1] : Aspd+1 when base Agi 90 or more. Atk+15 when base Str 90 or more.
Skin of Ladon[1] : It give Agi+5 Vit+5 and has slot. You will gain effect when refine reach +5 +7.
Undershirt[1] : Combo set with pantie.
Whisper Card : Flee+20
Raydric Card : Reduce 20% damage from nature element
Bapho Jr. Card : Agi+3 Critical+1%. It’s good when you have enough flee and need more Aspd.


Upg Boots : Increase Hp by refine rate.
Sandel[1], Shoes[1], Boots[1] : Just for slot
Matyr Card : Max Hp+10% Agi+1. Very good for survival. You can reach 10k Hp.
Male Thief Bug Card : Agi+2. If you want more Aspd.


Medal of Honor (Swordman) : Atk+5% Hit+10. Chance to stun enemy when attacking. I think it’s very good accessory for who need more damage. You can make it by play battle ground. [Item Review : Medal of Honor]
Jonin Sash[1] : Matk+3% Aspd+3%. All you need is Aspd and slot. You can reach Aspd 190 with Breaker Potion and AB. [Item Review : Jonin Sash]
Fidelity Necklace[1] : Agi+2 and combo with Shiba Inu Hat to transform to Atroce when attacking [Item Review : Shiba Inu Hat & Fidelity Necklace]
Kobold Card : Str+1 Critical Rate+4%. Standard card for every critical build.

Leveling Spot

Lv 1 – 20 : Training Ground
Lv 20 – 30 : Poison Spore
Lv 30 – 40 : Wolf, Muka, Hode
Lv 40 – 50 : Sandman, Myst Case
***Tip&Trick : If your sever implement Moscovia Dungeon. You can leveling at Moscovia1 until level 60.
Lv 50 – 60 : Mummy, Byalan Dungeon F3-F4, Sohee
Lv 60 – 70 : High Orc[Orc Village], Pyramid F4, Geffen Dungeon F2, Ice Cave Dungeon F1, Sphinx Dungeon F3
Lv 70 – 80 : Clock Tower F2, Goat, Sleeper, Magma Dungeon F1, Stalactic Golem, Turtle Dungeon F2
Lv 80 – 99 : Clock Tower F3-F4-B2-B4, Sphinx Dungeon F5, Medusa, Anolian, Glast Heim 2F, Ice Cave F2
Swordman Leveling Guide

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