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Ragnarok Leveling Guide 60-70 in RevoClassic

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When you change to class2, You should learn skill for leveling at first. Some class change method of leveling like Knight, Wizard. You should have time to improve your equipment. I recommend weapon is the first priority you must buy. This guide will help you where are a good leveling places.

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Ragnarok Leveling Guide 60 – 70

Marc and Swordfish

Wind element weapon and swordfish card are require for leveling. Wind element help you kill monster quickly. Swordfish card help you don’t die with water ball. Knight can framing with bowling bash.

Recommend Equipment:
Wind Element Weapon, Armor with Swordfish Card(If you don’t have this, Stay Strong.)


Welcome maze runner to sphinx2. This is a great place to make money. You can sell OBB, Matyr card to another player.
Recommend Equipment:
Weapon with Santa Poring Card


If you want to make money go to this map. Bathory drops Witched Starsand and card. You can sell to another player. Bathory card is 1 of the most popular card. because you must have this card for leveling Anubis in Sphinx4-5.

Recommend Equipment:
Weapon with Santa Poring Card

Jing Guai

If you like a quiet map. this is good for you. Jing Guai has good EXP but them not have any rare item.
Recommend Equipment:
Fire element weapon for Jing Guai

Wootan Fighter

This map like above. It’s very quiet. No player. No rere item.

Baphomet Jr

This map are good if you can hit100% on baphomet Jr.

Evil Druid

Evil Druid is stronger than its EXP. This isn’t good for leveling. Focus on Evil Druid Card only.

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  1. Hi i just want to ask which is better in this patch arbalest[2] with vadon card or +7 Hunters bow? Im farming in magma dungeon

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    Just wanted to say your guides are great the ones i read! Keep it up!
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