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RO Assassin Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start

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Hi. After you change to Assassin. Somebody confuse what next to do. Today I will show you where a good place for leveling.

Whatever you are Double Attack Katar build, Dual Dagger build or Critical build. It’s no difference. You can use the same place for leveling.

Assassin Build Guide

If you don’t know about Assassin. Try to follow this guide. It may help you.
Double Attack Katar Build Assassin
Dual Dagger Build Assassin
Critical Build Assassin

Level 1 – 60

You can follow this thief leveling guide.

RO Thief Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start

Level 60 – 70

Pyramid F4 (moc_pryd04)
There are Isis, Mummy and Ghoul. Isis has very good EXP(3,709 Exp). This place is very good for leveling with Party. Aspersio from Preist will increase your damage(Fire element can use too). If you are lucky, you will get Matyr Card or Mimic Card.

Byalan Bun F4

This is very map to make money. There are a lot of valuable cards. Marc Card, Swordfish Card, Marine Sphere Card, Phen Card. If you have a wind element weapon. This is paradise for you. Let’s kill everything and loot everything. But you should beware Water Ball from Sword fish. It can send you to Kafra.

Optional Map: Wootan Fighter, Jing Guai, Pitman(Hi-class patch only), Demon Pungus(Hi-class patch only).

Level 70 – 80

Pyramid Underground F1

There are a lot of Minorous. Minorous is fire monster. You can use enchant poison to increase your damage. Minorous drop Two-handed Axe [2]. It’s the best weapon for BS(expect Boss weapon). You can make money by sell Two-handed Axe[2]. Beware Hammer Fall and Heaven Drive from Minorous.

Sphinx F3

There are a lot of monster on a small map. You can leveling with Grimtooth. This map has good rare items like OBB(Requiem), Wand of Occult(Marduk). You can use enchant poison to increase your damage with Marduk. Beware Firebolt from Marduk(Pasana Card can save your life).

Stalactic Golem

Are you love Elunium? I got 5-10 Elunium per 30 min on this map(I use BubbleGum). This map is very good for find Elunium. Every monster can drop R.Elu or Elu. But Stalactic has high Def. You can reduce monster Def by enchant poison(Def-25% when poisoning). Stalactic Golem can use stun attack. Be careful your HP.

High Orc on Orc Village

High Orc is easy to kill and has good exp. You can use water element to kill them faster. But this map doesn’t have rare items. Good Exp with No Money.

Optional Map: Sleeper(Hi-class patch only), Petite, Dancing Dragon, Clock, Seal.

Level 80 – 99

Turtle Island

In the past. It’s a good place for Critical Assassin. But Now. Everyone can come and leveling. The popular floor is F2. Permeter, Solider have a good EXP. This map is no rare items and slower than other place but very quiet place.

Nifhelm Field

If you are party with priest. This map is good for you. Every monster in this map is demon or undead.


When you are 80. This is a good place for leveling. Wind weapon help you to kill them faster. Anolian is fish type(not brute). There is no rare items(Brooch slot is not rare in long time).


If you want to make money. This map is right for you. Injustic alway drop Cyfar. and They drop Jamadhar [1] Full Plate, Steel. You can increase your damage by Aspersio(Priest Skill).

Pasana, Anubis

You can enchant water element and leveling with Pasana. You can kill Pasana in 1-2 second with Infiltrator(water enchant). This map require Bathory Card for protect you from Dark Soul Strike(Anubis).

Optional Map: Raydric, Medusa, Venatu(Hi-class Patch Only).

Life After 90

After 90+. You should leveling with Grimtooh. because kill one by one is too slow. beware insect and demon can see you when you are hiding.

If you have any questions, you can ask me at Fanpage Kamonway Channel.

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