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Make Money with Cyfar : Ragnarok Money Making Guide#4

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For the first time when I start to play Ro RevoClassic. I play Agi Merchant. I decide to get OC 10 first(Overcharge, Allows to sell items to NPC shops at higher prices). This skill makes me can buy a good equipment.

Orc Lady

I buy meat for restore hp. It cheap and restore hp more than red potion. But meat weight is more than red potion. Don’t worry merchant has extra 8000 weight(Cart). When you are Lv.40. You can kill Orc Lady. It always drops Cyfar. You can make money with this item.


Core Loop Farming

1. Buy Meats at Prontera.
2. ‎Hunt Orc Lady for Cyfar.
3. ‎Sell Cyfar with OC (478 z).
4. ‎repeat from 1 until you have a good item.

OBB Quest from Cyfar

If you don’t want to sell Cyfar to Npc. Let’s do this Old Blue Box quest.

Ragnarok Money Making Guide#1 : Old Blue Box Quest. Why Cyfar is valuable?

Who drops Cyfar?

If your level more than 50, You think it’s waste of time to hunt cyfar with Orc Lady. Don’t worry. We have other monsters to get Cyfar.

Wild Rose

Wild Rose

You can hunt wild rose when your hit more than 325 (Hit100%) or 300 (If you don’t worry about some miss). This map is nearly Geffen town. You can walk left 1 and top 1 to go to this map.

Items from Wild Rose is very expensive. Cyfar, Witherless Rose, Thief Clothes [1]. And wild rose card is 1 of thief set card.



This is one of the beautiful places in RO. You can go to Amatsu by ship at Alberta. You can save point with Kafra in Amatsu. Go to the top of the map. There are many Kapha and Karakasa on this map.

My assassin can make money 120k – 150k per 30 mins on this map with BubbleGum. Don’t believe? see my video below. I steal before kill. Let’s try with yourself. but beware Water ball from Kapha.


Seal, Galapago, Raggler

If you leveling in Kokomo beach(cmd_fild02), You will get a lot of cyfar. Seal is a popular monster. It gives high exp and good loot. If you are lucky, You will get a lotto. There is Mobster on this map. Mobster card is a very very expensive card. The price is more than 100M in TRO.



When you are lv.80 or more this map is a very good place to make money. Some people make more than 500k zeny per 30 mins on this map (Crusader). Unbelievable Right? I got 250k – 300k for the first time. If you farm like professional, you will get more.

Items from Injustice

Injustice drops good item like Cyfar, Steel, Padded Armor [1], Full Plate, Jamadhar [1], Forbidden Red Candle. In 30 mins. You will get a lot if cyfar and a few steel. Jamadhar [1] is your bonus.

Where is a good place to use BubbleGum?

If you want to know about a good place to use bubblegum. please see BubbleGum playlist on my Youtube channel. I have more than 300 videos about Ro RevoClassic. I think my 2 years experiences in TRO may help you.

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