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Ragnarok Leveling Guide 70-80 in RevoClassic

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This’s happy time. Because you can kill monster easily. For Knight, you can use bowling bash to fast leveling. Hunter and Priest are a great party. Now, You should have a good equipment. Some map is good for EXP. Some map is good for making money.

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Ragnarok Leveling Guide 70 – 80

Dark Frame

Dark Frame are less than 3 for each room.but it’s instantly. You can walk around in room and kill. Dark Frame not have rare item, but you can make money 100k+/30min for this map.


This’s good for leveling and make money. Monster in this map drop Elunium, Buckler[1], Kobold Card and White Herb. Melee class such as Blacksmith, Assassin are good for this map.

Rere Item: Elunium, Kobold Card, Buckler[1]


It’s paradise for Blacksmith. Minorous is large size. Two-HandAxe can attack them 100%. Minorous has drop Two-HandAxe[2]. This map for level 75 and above. Water elemental weapon are require for this map.

Rere Item: Two-HandAxe, Minorous Card, Verit Card


It’s bad for leveling. This map for hunt Manteau [1]. I recommend Hunter or Crusader for this map.

Rere Item: Manteau [1]

Dancing Dragon

It’s very quid. This are good for leveling. Dancing Dragon Card is a part of Thief Set Card. It’s so expensive. Mao Guai can kill you by Darkness Jupitel. Be Careful.

Rere Item: Dancing Dragon Card


This is very good map for leveling. Clock is weak with fire. You can kill it easily by fire element weapon.

Rere Item: Elunium, Key of Underground, Key of Clock Tower

Stalactic Golem

You want Elunium? Yes, This map is very good for hunt Elunium. Every monster in this map drop Elunium. Stalactic Golem has high Def.


It’s a good map for leveling.You can use AOE skill like Bowling Bash or Cart Revolution for leveling. This map have a lot of monster. I recommend this map for leveling.

Rere Item: Matyr Card, Pasana Card, Marduck Card

High Orc , Orc Villege

High orc are easy to kill and give you a good EXP, Water element weapon is require for this map.

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  1. hey man what is ur stat build and skill build on your knight? and also what are its item when it farms in Dark Frame?

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