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Ragnarok Leveling Guide 25-35 in RevoClassic

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Pick up everything and sell them for buy new weapon.If you are not mage or acolyte(support).Use Concentration Potion for increase your aspd. It will help you a lot. More kill more zeny.

Recommended Weapon

Archer : Gakkung Bow Atk: 100
Required Level: 33 Price: 42,000z (Dc 24% = 31,920z)
Swordman, Thief, Merchant : Damascus Atk: 118
Required Level: 12 Price: 49,000z (Dc 24% = 37,240z)
Mage, Acolyte(Support) : Arc Wand Atk: 60 MAtk: 95 Int+3
Required Level: 24 Price: 45,000z (Dc 24% = 34,200z)
Acolyte(Figther) : Stunner Atk: 140
Required Level: 27 Price: 60,000z (Dc 24% = 45,600z)

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Ragnarok Leveling Guide 25 – 35

Thara Frog

This map is very small. Sometime Thara Frog born near you after you kill it. There is no auto attack monster. But be careful when you meet Toad.

Elder Willow

Elder Willow is a classic monster in RO. Items drop from Elder Willow is very good.Dead Branch, Rough Elunium, Red Blood, Wooden Mail. But be careful. When Elder Willow cast Firebolt. You must stop them by attack quickly.

Caramel, Stainer

This place is good for leveling.Monsters are easy to kill and loots are good. Rare item is valuable. Coat[1] can sell for another player.

Horn, Wolf

Wolf is very good for Mage.Becuase you can use Fire Bolt to kill them in 1 hit.For another class be careful when attacking Wolf. Wolf will assist themselves.

Pecopeco, Snake

I recommend this map for mage and swordman. Mage uses Fire Bolt for Snake and Cold Bolt for Pecopeco. You can kill them easily. Pecopeco is good for swordman who use Two-hand sword. Becuase pecopeco are large size. Two-hand sword type can attack large size 100%.


I love this map very much. If your level is lower than 35, You can’t fight with Hode. But Muka is not. Muka has low hp(Hp600) and die very easy. Muka gain Exp 300. If’s a half of Exp of Hode. Muka drop Empty Botton and Muka Mucus.You can sell them to a merchant.

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