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Ragnarok Training Ground – Fastest way to get Job 10

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After create your character.You will be born in Training Ground. For newbie please read everything. NPC will teach you How to play Ragnarok.

First time in-game you will see yourself on a small island. For newbie player please read everything. Which I strongly recommend any newbie to access Training Ground.

1. Speak to Sparkki.
2. Go to the castle on the right.
3. Speak to Sparkki, Select “Enter Training Ground”.
4. Speak to Brade.

– Novice equipment
– Novice Potion 500 ea

5. Open inventory(Alt+E). Equip all equipment from Brade.
6. Speak to Brade again.

– Novice Fly Wing 200 ea
– Novice Butterfly Wing 30 ea

7. Go up and Speak to Jinha.
8. Go to next room on the left.
9. Speak to Chocolat.
10. Speak to Kafra, Staff and Solider.
11. Speak to Chocolat again.

– Free Ticket for Kafra Storage 50 ea
– Free Ticket for Kafra Transportation 50 ea

12. Speak to Brade.

– Novice Potion 100 ea

13. Kill 1 Poring.
14. Talk with Brade again.
15. Talk with Swordman. Select “Quest”.
16. Talk with Thief. Select “Quest”
17. Talk with Merchant. Select “Quest”
18. Talk with Mage. Select “Quest”
19. Kill 2 Picky, 5 Willow, 5 Lunatic
20. Sell item until you have 300z.
21. Talk with Swordman. Select “Quest” to get Reword.

– Novice Potion 200 ea

22. Talk with Thief. Select “Quest” to get Reword.

– Novice Fly Wing 50 ea

23. Talk with Merchant. Select “Quest” to get Reword.

– Phracon 7 ea

24. Talk with Mage. Select “Quest” to get Reword.

– Novice Butterfly Wing 30 ea

25. Hunter monster until your job is 10. Focus on Spore. It good exp.
26. Talk with Npc class what you want to be. Select “Choice 2” for go to Job change Npc.

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  1. What I do after I did all the quest done from the Swordsman, Thief, Mage & Merchant is that I do not talk to them yet and get the reward (exp and item) right away.

    I do this instead since I find this more efficient and time saving:

    1.) Talk to the Thief Npc and take the Thief Manual to get a double attack skill for free. This will make you grinding a lot easier.
    2.) I kill spores and spam my pots until I reach almost the base level 13. That means your level should be level 12 with an experience points less than 99%. (Trust me this is easy whatever build you start with)
    3.) If you have gathered enough loots and wish to sell especially if you want to be a merchant, talk to the Merchant NPC and take the Merchant Manual. Equip the manual in order to get the OC lvl 10 merchant skill and sell your desired loots.
    4.) Grind again just a little bit more to reach base level 13. Why up until level 13 only? Because the Manual that you got from the thief or any other job will not work anymore.
    5.) After base level 13, this is the time I only talk to the swordsman, thief, mage & merchant npc regarding the quest.
    6.) After you finish getting your rewards from the following npc, notice that you just leveled up your base up to 17 hassle free. Fin.

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