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Ragnarok Leveling Guide 45-60 in RevoClassic

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This is a long way to class2. It takes a time to leveling. Some class like Archer and Mage are very fast to reach job 50. Now you should have basic gear for leveling. In this time we have many places to gain EXP. Choose one that fit your character and gear.

Ragnarok Leveling Guide 45 – 60


I Recommend this map for a melee class. Because Sandman has cloaking skill. They walk to attack you silently. Mage and Archer will lose hp but not for a melee class. If you have fire elemental weapon this is a very good map for you. Rare item in this map is good.

Byalan 3

If you have wind elemental weapon, Byalan is a very good the map for leveling. All of the monster in this map are water property. Wind elemental weapon makes 150-200% damage. Saint’s Robe [1] is a rare item from Obeaune.


If you want to make money go to this map. Sohee drop muffles slot and card. You can sell to another player. I recommend archer class for this map. You can use wind arrow for Sohee.


This is the best map for archer and mage. They can reach job 50 very fast. Archer use fire arrow. Mage use firebolt. You can stay here until level 60 or more. but careful Demon Pungus and Harpy are very annoying. In this map, you will use fly wing many time. You can go to this map by walk from Juno or warp by acolyte.

Myst Case

I Recommend Level 50 or above for this map.Myst case has good EXP and drops. Myst case drop OBB, Pearl, Price of cake. and Myst case card is very good and valuable. You can get a lot of money from this map. Focus on Myst Case and Cruiser. But when you see freezing player around you, Use fly wing quickly as you can. Stormy Knight is here.


Mage can leveling in this map by vertical firewall. For a melee class, you should above 50. Boots slot is a rare item in this map.You can sell for buy a good gear.


Orc dun2 is a good place for framing because zenorc will loot item. You can kill and wait.Zenorc will run around you.


Pyramid3 is the old classic map for Archer. But now it’s not popular. This map is good when another map has a lot of people.

Wild Rose

This map isn’t for leveling.You can make money with wild rose. Cyfar can sell to a merchant who wants to do obb quest. Witherless Rose can sell high price to NPC.

Skel Worker

This map will make you a billionaire. Item from there is very good. If you so lucky and get Skel Worker Card, You can sell to another player at a high price. But don’t fight with Evil Druid.

Fastest way to get job 50.

Ayothaya Field&Dun are very good place for leveling. Leaf cat gives you a very good job Exp. You can stay here for 2-3 hour and get job50.
Note : You need to do Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest.

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