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Ragnarok Money Making Guide#3 : Slot Equipment and Where to find them.

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In Ragnarok Online. Slot equipment can’t buy from NPC. It drops from monsters and random box(Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box). And a chance of drop is too low. That reason is why you can hunt and sell to another player for making money.

Factor to success

Drop rate
In normally. Drop chance of equipment is 0.01% (same card). You can use BubbleGum but increase a little chance. BubbleGum is good for a normal loot not rare item(in my opinion).
Amount of monster in map + size of map
Some map is so big. Some map is so little. You will use many fly wing in a large map.
More hunt more chance
Some class can kill monsters in 1-3 seconds. some class use more time. Reduce time = More monster you can hunt.

What class is good for the hunt?

Hunter Dex-Agi
The best rare item hunt is Hunter. You can kill monsters in 1-2 seconds. Hunter has very long range attack and double strafe. Hunter is good for hunt monster that hp below 4000. You can kill it in 2 double strafe.

Which items are good and where to find them?

Headgear from cash shop is better than slot headgear from monsters. It’s not worth to hunt for sell.


1. Chain Mail [1]
Drop by
Soldier Skeleton: Payon Cave (pay_dun01, Amount 50).
Raydric: Inside Glast Heim Chivalry (gl_knt01, Amount 70), Inside Glast Heim Chivalry (gl_knt02, Amount 50), Glast Heim 2f (gl_cas02, Amount 66).
Tamruan: Inside Ancient Shrine (ayo_dun02, Amount 100).

2. Coat [1]
Drop by
Caramel: Mt.Mjolnir (mjolnir_03, Amount 65), Payon Forest (pay_fild07, Amount 60).
Seal: Kokomo beach (cmd_fild02, Amount 20).

3. Formal Suit [1]
Drop by
Skel Prisoner: Glast Heim Underprison (gl_prison, Amount 20).

4. Full Plate [1]
Drop by
Merman: Undersea Tunnel (iz_dun04, Amount 78).
Lava Golem: Nogg Road (mag_dun01, Amount 20).

5. Mantle [1]
Drop by
Wolf: Payon Forest (pay_fild02, Amount 80).
Requiem: Sphinx (in_sphinx2, Amount 70), Sphinx (in_sphinx3, Amount 70).

6. Mink Coat [1]
Drop by
Desert Wolf: Sograt Desert (moc_fild05, Amount 45), Sograt Desert (moc_fild14, Amount 38).

7. Pantie
Drop by
Zerom: Sphinx (in_sphinx2, Amount 50).

8. Saint’s Robe [1]
Drop by
Obeaune: Undersea Tunnel (iz_dun02, Amount 40).

9. Silk Robe [1]
Drop by
Creamy: Mt.Mjolnir (mjolnir_02, 50).

10. Thief Clothes [1]
Drop by
Wild Rose: Geffen Field (gef_fild05, Amount 50).
Shinobi: Amatsu Underground Shrine (ama_dun03, Amount 55).

11. Tights [1]
Drop by
Jakk: Geffen Dungeon (gef_dun01, Amount 30).


1. Buckler [1]
Drop by
Goblin (Dagger, Axe, Mace): Geffen Field (gef_fild11, Amount 30+20+20).
Kobold (Axe, Hammer, Mace): Geffen Field (gef_fild08, Amount 20+40+20), Kordt Forest (gef_fild12, Amount 20+30+30).

2. Guard [1]
Drop by
Pupa: Geffen Field (gef_fild04, Amount 60), Payon Forest (pay_fild03, Amount 60).
Peco Peco Egg: Sograt Desert (moc_fild07, Amount 50).
Thief Bug Egg: Prontera Culvert (prt_sewb1, Amount 80).
Beetle King: Hoomga Jungle (um_fild04, Amount 50).

3. Shield [1]
Drop by
Cornutus: Undersea Tunnel (iz_dun02, Amount 60).


1. Hood [1]
Drop by
Coco: Geffen Field (gef_fild03, Amount 85), Prontera Field (prt_fild11, Amount 50).
Punk: Clock Tower 1f (c_tower1, Amount 65), Clock Tower 2f (c_tower2, Amount 40).
Cookie (Red): Toy Factory Warehouse (xmas_dun01, Amount 40).

2. Manteau [1]
Drop by
Wraith: Glast Heim Staircase Dungeon (gl_step, Amount 70), Glast Heim Churchyard (gl_chyard, Amount 70).

3. Muffler [1]
Drop by
Sohee: Payon Cave (pay_dun03, Amount 70).
Disguise: Skellington, a Solitary Village in Nifflheim (nif_fild01, Amount 50).

4. Undershirt
Drop by
Pasana: Sphinx (in_sphinx5, Amount 70).


1. Boots [1]
Drop by
Argiope: Mt.Mjolnir (mjolnir_10, Amount 60), Mt.Mjolnir (mjolnir_05, Amount 50).
Yao Jun: Inside the Royal Tomb (lou_dun02, Amount 40).

2. Sandals [1]
Drop by
Peco Peco: Sograt Desert (moc_fild04, Amount 75), Sograt Desert (moc_fild13, Amount 45).
Coco: Geffen Field (gef_fild03, Amount 85), Prontera Field (prt_fild11, Amount 50).
Cookie (Green): Toy Factory Warehouse (xmas_dun01, Amount 40).

3. Shoes [1]
Drop by
Munak: Payon Cave (pay_dun02, Amount 40).


1. Belt [1]
You can buy belt[1] from Armor Dealer in Prontera.

2. Clip [1]
Drop by
Alarm: Clock Tower 3f (c_tower3, Amount 100), Clock Tower 4f (c_tower4, Amount 60).

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