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Make Money with Cheese : Ragnarok Money Making Guide#5

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Warning: This guide needs high-level character.

What is cheese?

Cheese is an etc item that can sell at a high price to NPC(1800z with Oc). If you don’t want to sell to NPC. You can make Toast (Lower Head Gear) quest from cheese.

Who drop cheese?

Evil Cloud Hermit drop cheese. It always drops when you using bubblegum. Evil Cloud Hermit is a large formless monster and They are Neutral element.

Taoist Hermit

You can use Pecopeco Egg Card(Increase damage of attacks inflicted on a formless monster by 20%) or Minorous Card(Increase damage inflicted on Large size monster by 15%. ATK + 5) to multiply damage.
You can find Evil Cloud Hermit in Gonryun F3.


Require Item to Hunt

Dokebi Card
Evil Cloud Hermit will always use Lighting Bolt on you. It will be 1500 – 1800. If you have Dokebi Card. You will get only 500 damage.

Best Class to Farm

1. Double Strafe Hunter
Ds Hunter is the best farm. He has long range and a short time to kill. You can kill and walk to pick up cheese.
2. ‎Holycross Crusader
You can kill Evil Cloud Hermit by a holy cross in 2 hit. It’s faster than hunter but you need to walk to nearly monster.
3. ‎Rogue
You can steal while attacking with Gank skill . or use steal by yourself.
4. ‎Assassin
Steal before kill.

How much?

My assassin gets 200k per 30mins. I think Ds hunter and Crusader Holycross will better than me. Maybe 300k-400k per 30mins. Let’s try it yourself.

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