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Grimtooth with Stun : Assassin Trick Ro RevoClassic

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This is old school trick. If you want to play the assassin. you should know this trick.

How can do that?

Grimtooth can stun from Stun Arrow effect. Stun Arrow has little chance to stun enemy.
Assassin can’t equip bow type but they can equip arrow(Don’t ask me why. I don’t know too.)
They receive the effect of arrow such Stun, Blind, Chaos, Curse but doesn’t get an element of arrow.
When using Silver Arrow. Grimtooth doesn’t get the Holy element.
When using Stun Arrow. Grimtooth has stun effect.

Note : When using Grimtooth does’t lost arrow.

Recommend Arrow

Stun Arrow
Stun Arrow has little chance to stun the enemy. It’s very good for leveling. I’m using this arrow when leveling with Medusa(Medusa is a demon. They can see assassin when hiding or cloaking). It can save my potions cost very much.

Curse Arrow
Curse Arrow is good with fast walk enemy or enemy that can’t see assassin when hiding. When an enemy cursed. It will walk so slow.

Other Arrows: Sleep Arrow, Mute Arrow(Silence), Poison Arrow, Frozen Arrow, Flash Arrow(Blind).

How to get those arrow?

Stun Arrow and Curse Arrow can crafting by Archer who do arrow crafting quest.
Stun Arrow made from Rough Elunium, Evil Horn.
Curse Arrow made Red Gemstone, Little Evil Horn.

Arrow Crafting Quest and Where is Wormtail? : Ro RevoClassic

Let’s have fun.

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