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Snake Head Hat VS Sidewinder Card: Which is better?

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Many people confuse about Snake Head Hat and Sidewinder Card. Which is better to use.

It has conditions to use for both items. Today you will understand What is the best for you. Let’s see the first condition.

1. You are not Thief Class.

If you aren’t Thief, Assassin, and Rogue. You must use Snake Head Hat only. It gives you Double Attack Lv5. Double Attack Lv5 has 25% chance to double attack. It useful on Knight, Bs, Hunter that use a physical attack.

2. You are Thief Class and need a comfortable hat.

If you have Double Attack Lv10. And need to wear another hat like Peco Peco Hairband, Alice Doll. You should use Sidewinder Card on your weapon. It gives Double Attack Lv10 on every weapon you equip(Sword, Dow, Katar, Axe).

3. You are thief class and need high damage.

You should use Snake Head hat because You will have 1 empty slot on your weapon. Ex. Katar[2 Pecopeco Egg Card], Infiltrator[1 Skel Worker Card]. You DPS(Damage per second) will more than above condition.

Note: If you have Double Attack Skill Lv10. When you use Sidewinder Card(Double Attack Lv1) or Snake Head Hat(Double Attack Lv5). You will get Double Attack Lv.10 on every weapon(include Katar). That is why katar build is awesome.


Now. You will understand what you need to use between Snake Head Hat and Sidewinder Card. I have more than 300 videos about Ro RevoClassic. I think my 2 years experiences in TRO may help you. Please subscribe Youtube Kamonway.

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