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Assassin Double Attack Katar Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic

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1. Overview
2. Job changing guide
3. Pros & Cons
4. Stat Build
5. Skill Build
6. Equipment(End Game)
7. Consumables
8. Leveling Spot
9. Best Party Member
10. FAQ


Welcome to Assassin Double Attack Katar Guide in RevoClassic server. This guide is based on my own experience and from many consultations. I hope it will save your time.

Assassin Double Attack Katar build is normal attack character(click and wait). It’s a combination between Katar and Snake Head Hat or Sidewinder Card. It makes Katar can double attack. This build has high Aspd with katar. We can grimtooth for leveling because this build has good hit rate.

Class Change Quest

Thief Change Quest

Assassin Change Quest

Pros & Cons

– Beginner friendly. Low cost but high damage.
– High Dps.
– You can reach Aspd 186. It’s very fun.
– You can use grimtooth for leveling.

– Dps less than Dual Dagger Build.
– If you need more damage you need to refine you weapon.

Status Build(End Game)

Assassin Double Attack Katar Build at Level 99
Str 83
Agi 90
Vit 40
Int 1
Dex 33
Luk 20
Comment This’s standard build for everyone. Luk for Atk. Agi 90 make your aspd reach 186. You can leveling with Grimtooth(Very good method when 90+). This build give you high DPS and easy to play.

Skill Build

Thief Skill
Double Attack Double Attack 10
Improve Dodge Improve Dodge 10
Envenom Envenom 10
Detoxify Detoxify 1
Steal Steal 8
Hiding Hiding 10

Assassin Skill
Katar Mastery Katar Mastery 10
Cloaking Cloaking 3
Sonic Blow Sonic Blow 10
Grimtooth Grimtooth 5
Enchant Poision Enchant Poision 10

Equipment(End Game)

Assassin Double Attack Katar

Equipment focus on ASPD

Assassin Double Attack Katar

Equipment focus on Damage


  • Magic Rabbit Hat (Agi+2, Dex+2, Aspd+5%, Reduce Deley 4%)[Recommend][High Cost]
  • Pecopeco Hairband (Aspd+5%, Reduce Delay 5%, Reduce Cast Time 5%, Fast Walk)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Snake Head Hat (Enables use of Level 5 Double Attack.If your Double Attack skill is 10, Enables use of Level 10 Double Attack on every weapon)[Recommend][Mid Cost]

Comment Don’t use Snake Head Hat with SideWinder Card.It’s the same. Select one you want,don’t both.


  • Sigrun’s Wings (Aspd+1 for Thief Class)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Angel Spirit (Str+2, Hit+15)[Mid Cost]


  • Pirate Dagger (Atk+5)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Hand Scissorhand Model (Agi+1)[Mid Cost]


  • Pantie[1] (Combo with Undershirt)[Recommend][High Cost]
  • Thief Clothes[1] (Agi+1)[Low Cost]

Armor Card

  • Picky Card (Str+1, Atk+10)[Mid Cost]


  • Katar[2] (Atk 148)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Jamadhar[1] (Atk 165)[Recommend][Mid Cost]

Weapon Card

  • SideWinder Card (Causes Double Attack by 5% chance.If you have Double Attack skil Lv.10, You can double attack with every weapon)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Hydra Card (Increase damage on DemiHuman monster by 20%.)[Mid Cost]
  • Skeleton Worker Card (Increase damage inflicted on Medium size monster by 15%. ATK + 5) [Mid Cost]


  • Undershirt[1] (Mdef+1, Combo with Pantie give Agi+5 Flee+10)[Recommend][High Cost]

Garmet Card

  • Whisper Card (Flee+20)[Mid Cost]
  • Bapho Jr. Card (Agi+3, Critical Rate+1)[Recommend][Low Cost]


  • Boots[1] [Recommend][Low Cost]

Footgear Card

  • Matyr Card (Agi+1, Hp+10%)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Male Thief Bug Card (AGI + 2)[Mid Cost]


  • Thief Figure (Agi+1, If you are Thief, Aspd+3%)[Recommend][Low Cost]
  • Brooch[1] (Agi+1)[Recommend][Low Cost]
  • Ring[1] (Str+1)[High Cost]

Accessory Card

  • Mantis Card (Str+3)[Recommend][Low Cost]
  • Owl Baron Card (Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Lex Aeterna on an enemy when attacking.)[High Cost]

Buff Potion

Leveling Spot

Ragnarok Leveling Guide

Best Party Member

Priest is the best of support class.
Aspersio enchant your weapon with Holy element.


Q : What’s starter equipment for beginner?
A : Snake Head Hat and +7 Jamadhar[0], Becuase you can buy snake head hat in cash shop and +7 jama is not expensive.

Q : What is best weapon for leveling in every where?
A : I think +7 Katar[2 Skel Worker Card] is very good in my opinion.

Q : Why not use Snake Head Hat with SideWinder Card?
A : The both are same effect. Choose 1 for you.
If you want damage, Snake Head Hat and Katar[2 Race Card such as Hydra Card].
If you want Aspd, Pecopeco Hairband and Katar[1 SideWinder Card and 1 Race Card] or +7,8,9 Jamadhar[1 SideWinder Card]

Q : Why this build is good for beginner?
A : Just buy snake head hat and jamadhar from NPC. It’s not need high end quipment like Assassin Critical.

Choose the right style for you.

Assassin has many builds to play. Adjusting to your style and budget (this is a big deal). Finally, I hope this article will help many people. If you have any suggestions, you can send them to Fanpage Kamonway Channel

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  1. Really helpful guide indeed! This is what im going for. Can i ask what would be the best leveling route for this build? And again, thank you so much for this!

  2. Currently base lvl 53. I’m planning to use this build but already put my steal to lvl 10. Is it ok if my Hiding is only Lvl 8 or is it really needed to be Lvl 10?

  3. Planning to follow this build and currently at base lvl 65. Just want to ask how you fare in pvp battles?

  4. do you think +7 triple mino for mvp and +7 triple sw for leveling up in turtle island , anolians or clock tower alarm

    and i think this does more damage than crit if you have snake hat..

    do you know any good card for snake hat

    and clip of muscle might be good for this if you dont want thief cloth

      • is it advisable to put LUK with double attack instead of just putting it in DEX?Also does crit affect double attack because I saw some double attack that are doing crit But im not sure if it is good or not

        1 more question.

        Does crit affect double attack.

        Example if im going to use triple crit jur (I’d like to use 3 slot jur: reason for it. more slot means more card damage.) and crit clips

        Just like a Equip critical Assasin.

        My stat build now is

        On LEVEL 60 assassin im rocking anolians now on this lvl with mocking muff and +4 triple boned (SW card) JUR
        STR 60
        AGi 60
        VIT 1
        DEx 30
        LUK 1

        • This is my question actually, I’d prefer Dex for it gives chance for additional attack speed and reduces the damage variation (I think). Dex > Luk or does the additional damage bonus from Luk help better? I’m currently level 75 and have roughly 40 base Dex.

          • Dex 10 is enough. Luk will valuable when Str above 80.
            Luk 3 = 1 atk.
            Str 1 = 1 atk
            but when str above 80. it uses 10 status point to get 1 str.

  5. Hi Admin, what do you think about MVP hunts? Do Assassins have a role or even go solo? Lastly, what do you think about the thief card set?

    What cards are best to put in Snake Hat? Is it Deviruchi?

  6. hi admin thanks for this guide! really helpful! and i have a question,

    is putting a skill points in left&right hand mastery not worth it??

  7. Hi Admin, thanks for this guide.

    Question: Which build can kill monster fast? Double attack katar or pure critical?

  8. I’m level 72 assassin and below are my stats.

    Str: 37
    Agi: 70
    Vit: 10
    Int: 1
    Dex: 1
    Luk: 60

    My question is, Can I still do this build while leveling? I worried about not hitting the monster properly with 1 Dex. Please give me some advice.

    More power!

  9. Hi Admin

    Is it really worth putting Luk on DA Katar build?

    I have my Dex at 33 and still misses on some monster like Kobold? Also when I GT mob there are still instances that it misses. Should it be Dex > Luk instead until hit reaches 300? Then the spill over stats on STR?

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  14. Can you continue the stats allocation?

    Initial Str9 Agi9 Dex9
    Lv.30 Str9 Agi42 Dex20
    Lv.40 Str9 Agi51 Dex30
    Lv.50 Str20 Agi63 Dex30
    Lv.60 Str20 Agi79 Dex30

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