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RO Thief Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start

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Thief Class is a very good character for newbie. They have high flee and aspd. You will save potions cost. And Double Attack is a very good passive skill. It can double your damage with 50% chance. That is why I recommend this class to newbie player.

Thief Stat Guide

1. Agi-Str-Dex. This is standard build for thief. It’s easy to play and save your cost. This build is stat for Dual Dagger Assassin, Double Attack Katar, Rouge.

Initial Str9 Agi9 Dex9
Lv.30 Str9 Agi42 Dex20
Lv.40 Str9 Agi51 Dex30
Lv.50 Str20 Agi63 Dex30
Lv.60 Str20 Agi79 Dex30

2. Agi-Luk-Str. This is stat build for critical assassin(Not recommend for newbie player.). It’s hard to play becuase they has low dex. But you can use Angle Spirit for increase your hit rate.

Initial Str9 Agi9 Vit9 Dex1 Luk1
Lv.30 Str9 Agi47 Vit9 Dex1 Luk1
Lv.40 Str9 Agi61 Vit9 Dex1 Luk1
Lv.50 Str9 Agi65 Vit9 Dex1 Luk30
Lv.60 Str9 Agi72 Vit9 Dex1 Luk45

You can check hit100% and flee95% by Hit&Flee Table.

Why Bow Thief?

If you want to use element weapon but not have money. Bow type weapon is a better choice. You can find Silver Arrow and Fire Arrow from merchant (Other arrows from cash shop). The advantage of bow is atk 100% with all size. For dagger type is small 100%, medium 75%, large 50%. And when you use Snake Head Hat or Sidewinder Card. You can double attack Lv.10 with bow.

Thief Skill Guide

Go to Double Attack first. This skill makes you can double your damage (50% chance) with dagger type weapon only. (For other weapons, You need sidewinder card or snake head hat). than Improve Dodge 10 to increase you flee rate.

Double Attack 10
Improve Dodge 10
Envenom 10
Detoxify 1
Steal 8
Hiding 10

If you want to be farmer rogue change Envenom 10 to Steel 10(Envenom 8).

Novice Level 1 – 12

You should enter Novice Training Ground for Novice Red Potions 800 ea, Equipment and got some zeny. It’s use 20-30 min only but It’s will help you a lot.

Thief class change quest link.

Thief Level 13 – 30

Go to Prontera and do Prontera Culvert Entrance quest. Prontera Culvert is a very good place for leveling and farming. You do not need any equipment just Novice Cutter from Traning Ground is enough. All monster in F2 is small size. Dagger weapon can atk 100% with small size.

Note : You should have Merchant character for OC your item to NPC. Or sell them to buyer merchant with higher price than NPC. see 4 Reason Why you should have Merchant

You should buy a new weapon when you can use. You can buy at weapon shop on bottom-right of Morroc and buy bow type weapon at Payon.
Stiletto require Lv.12 Atk 87
Damascus require Lv.24 Atk 118
Crossbow require Lv.18 Atk 65
Gakkung Bow require Lv.33 Atk 100

Thief Level 30 – 40


Wolf on Payon field. Wolf has good exp and weak with fire element. They drop meat and Mantle[]. but this map is also popular with Mage and Archer too.

Coco, Caramel on Geffen field. This is my favorite map. Small size monster and good root. Coco drop Hood[]. Caramel drop Coat[]. They weak with fire.

Poison Spore on Geffen Dungeon.
Popular map in RO. Many people like this map. There have many poison spore. Poison spore is low hp and easy to kill.


Muka, Hode on Morroc field.
I recommend Muka on Morroc filed. Muka has low hp but high Exp. They are weak with fire element. Item from Muka can sell to Alchemist.

Ant Hell on Morroc field. Kill everything in there. And beware Maya. You can sell empty bottle to other player and Andre Card is expansive.

Thief Level 40 – 50

Sandman on morroc field.
Beware your back. Sandman is aggressive monster. They drop Rough Elunium and Katar of Quaking.

Orc Lady and Orc Warrior on Orc Villege
Orc Zombie and Orc Skeleton on Orc Dun.

Note : You should buy Pantie & Undershirt. It gives Agi+5 and Flee+15.

Thief Level 50 – 60 (Job 50)

Zenorc on Orc Dun.
Argiope on Prontera Field.
Myst Case on Toy Factory.

Myst Case

I think Toy Factory is a good place. Becuase Myst Case drop OBB, Piece of Cake, Pearl and Myst Case Card is expensive. Cruiser is a secondary monster for hunt. Cruiser Card is 1 of Archer Set Card.

Fast Lane Leveling

Leaf Cat on Ayothaya Field (ayo_fild02)
Leaf Cat has high Job exp (1212 Job Exp). And drop good loot like Fig Leaf(269z) or Huge Leaf(305z). It’s sound good but beware Wootan Fighter.
Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest

Image Credit

Geoghapher on Juno field.
You can use bow like Gukkung and Snake head hat for leveling with Goegraher. You have 3 cell distance when using bow. Snake head hat make you double attack with bow type.

Next Step

Critical Assassin Build
Double Attack Katar Assassin Build
Dual Dagger Assassin Build
Rogue Farmer Build

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