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Assassin Critical Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic

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1. Overview
2. Job changing guide
3. Pros & Cons
4. Stat Build
5. Skill Build
6. Equipment(End Game)
7. Consumables
8. Leveling Spot
9. Best Party Member
10. FAQ


Welcome to Assassin Critical Guide in RevoClassic server. This guide is based on my own experience and from many consultations. I hope it will save your time.

Assassin Critical build is normal attack character(click and wait). We focus on Critical Damage and Aspd. Many people like a sound of critical.(Me too)

Class Change Quest

Thief Change Quest

Assassin Change Quest

Pros & Cons

– Ignore target flee.
– Double critical rate from stat window.
– High Flee and Perfect Dodge.
– High Critical and Aspd.
– Critical sound is very good.

– Some equipment are expensive. Not good for starter.
– We have AOE skill like Grimtooth Grimtooth but we don’t have dex.(Level and Luk can increase your hit)
– You should understand reletion between Critical, Aspd and Critical Damage.

Status Build(End Game)

1. Assassin Critical High Damage Build at Level 99

Thief’s Set Card

Str 64
Agi 99
Vit 30
Int 1
Dex 2
Luk 60
Comment This’s standard build for everyone. Luk for Critical Rate and Str for Critical Damage. Agi 90 make your aspd reach 185.

2. Assassin Critical High Speed(Aspd) Build at Level 99

Low cost but effective

Str 38
Agi 99
Vit 30
Int 1
Dex 1
Luk 80
Comment I suggest this build for low budget. This build focus on Aspd. Luk give Critical Rate, Atk, Hit and Flee. This is reason why high luk.

3. Assassin Critical Hybrid Build at Level 99

Let’s fun with Double Attack and Critical

Str 80
Agi 90
Vit 31
Int 1
Dex 40
Luk 30
Comment You can double attack and critical. You can use Grimtooth for leveling. It’s fun to play this build.

Skill Build

Thief Skill
Double Attack Double Attack 10
Improve Dodge Improve Dodge 10
Envenom Envenom 10
Detoxify Detoxify 1
Steal Steal 10
Hiding Hiding 8

Assassin Skill
Katar Mastery Katar Mastery 10
Cloaking Cloaking 3
Sonic Blow Sonic Blow 10
Grimtooth Grimtooth 5
Enchant Poision Enchant Poision 10

Equipment(End Game)


  • Magic Rabbit Hat (Agi+2, Dex+2, Aspd+5%, Reduce Deley 4%)[Recommend][High Cost]
  • Pecopeco Hairband (Aspd+5%, Reduce Delay 5%, Reduce Cast Time 5%, Fast Walk)[Recommend][Mid Cost]


  • Sigrun’s Wings (Aspd+1 for Thief Class)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Angel Spirit (Str+2, Hit+15)[Mid Cost]


  • Pirate Dagger (Atk+5)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Hand Scissorhand Model (Agi+1)[Mid Cost]


  • Pantie[1] (Combo with Undershirt)[Recommend][High Cost]
  • Thief Clothes[1] (Agi+1)[Low Cost]

Armor Card

  • Picky Card (Str+1, Atk+10)[Mid Cost]


  • Jur[3] (Atk 125)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Katar[2] (Atk 148)[Recommend][Mid Cost]

Weapon Card

  • Mobster Card (Critical Damage+15%, For Thief Class Critical Rate+4)[Recommend][High Cost]
  • The Paper Card (Critical Damage+20%, lost 1 sp per attack, Thief’s Set Card)[Recommend][High Cost]
  • Assaulter Card (Critical Damage+10%, Critical Rate+7 when attack Demi-Human)[Mid Cost]
  • Cruiser Card (Critical Damage+10%, Critical Rate+7 when attack Brute)[Mid Cost]
  • Soldier Skeleton Card (Critical Rate+9) [Mid Cost]

Compare Katar for Assassin Critical Weapon for Assassin Critical Build


  • Undershirt[1] (Mdef+1, Combo with Pantie give Agi+5 Flee+10)[Recommend][High Cost]

Garmet Card

  • Green Maiden Card (Luk-5, Increase LUK and Critical Rate + 1% per Refine Level of the equipment this card is compounded on.)[High Cost]
  • Whisper Card (Flee+20)[Mid Cost]
  • Bapho Jr. Card (Agi+3, Critical Rate+1)[Recommend][Low Cost]
  • Wanderer Card (Add a 2% chance of auto casting Level 1 Intimidate on an enemy when attacking. If you are thief class, Flee+20, Thief’s Set Card)[Low Cost]


  • Boots[1] [Recommend][Low Cost]
  • Crystal Pumps (Luk+5, Mdef+10)[Low Cost]

Footgear Card

  • Matyr Card (Agi+1, Hp+10%)[Recommend][Mid Cost]
  • Wild Rose Card (Agi+1, If you are Thief Class, Perfect Dodge+5, Thief’s Set Card)[Low Cost]


  • Thief Figure (Agi+1, If you are Thief, Aspd+3%)[Recommend][Low Cost]
  • Brooch[1] (Agi+1)[Recommend][Low Cost]
  • Ring[1] (Str+1)[High Cost]

Accessory Card

  • Kobold Card (Str+1, Critical Rate+4)[Recommend][Low Cost]
  • Shinobi Card (AGI + 1, Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 5 Cloaking on the user when the user receives Physical Damage. If you equip this without learning Level 3 Cloaking or higher, it only activates when you are next to the wall. Thief’s Set Card)[High Cost]
  • Dancing Dragon Card (Agi+1, Critical Rate+3, Thief’s Set Card)[High Cost]

Buff Potion

Leveling Spot

Thief Leveling Guide
Ragnarok Leveling Spots

Best Party Member

Priest is the best of support class.
Gloria Luk+30, It’s awesome.
Aspersio enchant your weapon with Holy element.


Q : What is first priority? Double Attack or Critical
A : Priority Double Attack > Critical > Normal Damage.

Q : Critical race card like Crusier must attack correct race for effect?
A : Cruiser cards are split into two parts.
1. Critical Damage + 10 %
2. Critical Rate +7% with correct race.
If you attack correct race, It gives you 2 effect. But If you attack wrong race, You got first effect only.

Q : What’s difference between Classic and Renewal?
Classic, Critical ignore Def.
Renewal, Atk * 14 but not ignore Def.

Q : Why assassin not good for beginner?
A : Because of Its use too many equipment for leveling. Something like SS Card, Kobold Card. Weapon for this build is expensive.

Choose the right style for you.

Assassin has many builds to play. Adjusting to your style and budget (this is a big deal). Finally, I hope this article will help many people. If you have any suggestions, you can send them to Fanpage Kamonway Channel

Playlist Assassin Critical Build in Youtube


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  1. Which would be easier to level? A pure crit or hybrid assassin?

    Since you said assassin not good for beginners, what class would be best to start out?

  2. Bro +7 triple mino for mvp hunting and +7 triple sw jur for turtle island and anolian for leveling up
    sorry i thing im on the wrong thread but im talking about double attack assassin. do you think this will hit more damage than crit sin

  3. Hi Admin,

    Can you share a video of your hybrid build in action? I’m currenty level 76 following your build.

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  6. I don’t understand why you ve putted some equipement that it cannot be found in the game, or its premium or it doesn’t in it, like the headhears, only one of them can be found and it is a possibility of a box, ┬┐could you please give me some examples of with what could I remplace them? Thank you

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