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Quick Review Cash Shop in Ragnarok Online

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Hi. I’m Kamonway from TRO. Today I will review items in cash shop from Exe. If your server is RevoClassic. I think your cash shop will same like TRO. You will see. What call “No imba”.

Currency 1 US Dollar($) equals 33.97 Thai Baht(THB) (16/6/2017)

Cash Shop Review

Thief Figure Thief Figure

Effect: Agi+1, Aspd+3% when equipped on Thief class.
It gives you agi+1, and if you are thief class(Assassin and Rogue include) Aspd+3%. I recommend this item for every thief build except assassin critical build(kobold is better).
Price: 95 THB = 2.80$

Merchant Figure Merchant Figure

Effect: Str+1, Critical+5% when equipped on Merchant class.
It gives you str+1, and if you are merchant class(Blacksmith and Alchemist include) Critical +5%. This is optional If you no idea to buy an accessory.
Price: 95 THB = 2.80$

Snake Head Hat Snake Head Hat

Effect: Enables the use of Level 5 Double Attack.
This is the great item for normal attack build(click and wait). It give you Lv5 double attack. You can use double attack for every type of weapon(Sword, Bow, Katar, everything). If you are thief and learn double attack lv10, It give you level 10 too. Awesome!!! I very recommend for Assassin double attack katar build.
Price: 300 THB = 8.83$

Pecopeco Hairband Pecopeco Hairband

Effect: Increases Movement Speed, Aspd+5%, Reduce Cast Time 5%.
I call this “Multipurpose hat”. Becuase It gives you walk like Moonlight Flower Card and Aspd+5%. Not enough. It reduces cast time 5%. I recommend this hat for every build every class.
Price: 400 THB = 11.78$

Ship Captain Hat Ship Captain Hat

Effect: Dex+1, HP +100, Increases ranged attack power by 7%.
Hmmm. This hat is good for Double Strafe Build only. It’s good when you use skill. but If you use normal attack, Snake head hat is better.
Price: 300 THB = 8.83$

Zaha Doll Hat Zaha Doll Hat

Effect: Int+2, Enables the use of Level 3 Magnificat.
This hat is good for Trapper Hunter or what class that has some int. You use Magnificat for sp recovery and switch to another hat.
Price: 300 THB = 8.83$

Crown of Deceit Crown of Deceit

Effect: Int+4, Reduce Cast Time 10%, MDef+10.
This is a great hat for Wizard. It reduces cast time 10% and has slot. If you are wizard, This hat is a good choice for you.
Price: 400 THB = 11.78$

Angle Spirit Angle Spirit

Effect: Str+2, Hit+15.

If you can’t hit a monster. Angle Spirit gives you Hit+15. It helps you to fight with stronger monster.
Price: 300 THB = 8.83$

Robo Eye Robo Eye

Effect: ATK, MATK + 2%, Dex + 1.

If you can hit monster or don’t want hit. Robo is good for you. It gives you ATK and MATK + 2%.
Price: 300 THB = 8.83$

Indonesia Beret

Effect: All Stat +3, Mdef+3.
If you want stat, This hat is very good. Trapper Hunter will love this hat.
Price: 300 THB = 8.83$

Fish In Mouth Fish In Mouth

Effect: Add a 5% chance of getting Fresh Fish when a monster gets killed. Fresh Fish recovery rate + 25%.
This is a very good item for leveling. I got Fresh Fish many time from monster. Fresh Fish heal like Orange Potion and very light weight.
Price: 250 THB = 7.36$

Sigrun's Wing Sigrun’s Wing

If equip by a Swordman, Merchant, Thief or Taekwon Classes, Aspd+1.
If equip by a Mage, Acolyte, Ninja or Soul Linker Classes, MAtk+5.
If equip by Archer or Gunslinger Classes, Increases ranged attack power by 2%.
If equip by Novice Class, MaxHP +120, MaxSP +60.

I Recommend this for Swordman, Merchant, Thief class.It gives you aspd+1. Yes, Aspd+1 not 1%. It’s awesome.
Price: 300 THB = 8.83$

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