Sunday, April 21

Ragnarok Thief’s Trick for Fast Leveling

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After you change to the thief. You will use dagger type weapon for leveling in many places. But Damage from dagger is a pity. Don’t worry about it. I will show you. How to leveling with bow type weapon.

My Thief Stat

Str 9
Agi 75
Vit 9
Dex 1
Int 1
Luk 21

Benefit when you use bow type weapon.

1. A bow can attack 100% of small and medium size.
2. You can use fire arrow or silver arrow with bow. It’s cheaper than elemental weapon.
3. A bow is 3 range weapon. Free attack 1-2 hit.

How much damage does bow do?

Damacus : Str9 : Target Mummy
Damage 120-130

Gakkung Bow+Silver Arrow : Dex 1 :Targaet Mummy
Damage 200-240

Is it awesome?!!

I use Crossbow after change to thief. When reach level 33 change to Gakkung Bow. My thief leveling like archer. Hode, Sandman, Geographer not a problem.

I recommend bow type weapon for all build. It saves your time very much.

Bonus: If you have snake head hat, It enables double attack for bow type weapon.

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    • If you have snake head hat, bow is better.
      but If you have a good dagger like elemental or carded, dagger is better.

  1. In the video, where did you level up your job? So fast getting job 50 while at base level 54. How you do that?

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