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RO Acolyte Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start

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Acolyte is support class in RO. but they have a different way of class2. One is Priest who is full support skill for party. One is Monk who has highest damage skill on a single target. Fighter or Support is on your hand.

Acolyte Stat Build

1. Int-Vit-Dex. This is full support build. Int for effective of heal and max sp. Vit for max hp that make you survive. This build can’t leveling by yourself. You should leeching your friend. Archer and Mage class is your best freind for you.

Stat at Lv.55 : Vit 40 Int 63 Dex 20 Luk 9

2. Agi-Str-Dex. This build for Battle Priest or Combo Monk. It play like Agi Style. You have skill to support yourself.

Stat at Lv.55 : Str 30 Agi 63 Int 12 Dex 30

3. Str-Int-Dex. This is Asura Monk build. Str for physics atk. Int for max sp. Asura can increase damage by physics atk and max sp. but this build is hard to leveling. You should leeching your friend until you have asura.

Stat at Lv.55 : Str 63 Agi 9 Vit 20 Int 30 Dex 20

Novice Level 1 – 12

You should enter Novice Training Ground for Novice Red Potions 800 ea, Equipment and got some zeny. It’s use 20-30 min only but It’s will help you a lot.

Acolyte class change quest link.

Acolyte Level 13 – 30

Battle Acolyte(Agi Style)
Go to Prontera and do Prontera Culvert Entrance quest. Prontera Culvert is a very good place for leveling and farming. You do not need any equipment just Novice Cutter from Traning Ground is enough.

Leeching Acolyte(Support Build)
Payon cave F1 is the best places to find party. You should learn Blessing quickly as you can and buff your party member. Becarefull your party member hp. Heal is not effective like classic patch.

You can check hit100% and flee95% by Hit&Flee Table.

Acolyte Level 30 – 40

Battle Acolyte
You can leveling with Muka, Hode, Poison Spore, Smokie, Coco, Caramel, Wolf. You should learn Blessing and Increase Agi for buff yourself.

Yoyo is a good monster to leveling. Low hp and good loot. You can farm on this map for make money.

Where to buy Stunner.

Note :You should buy Stunner. Stunner has high atk and can stun enemy(10% chance). This is the best weapon for battle acolyte. Stunner can buy at left-bottom of morroc near the top of refine room.

Leeching Acolyte
Go to Morroc and walk down 2 map. Welcome to best place for find party. Hode and Muka are good exp monster for this level.

Or go to Geffen and walk down to Geffen Dun F1. Poison Spore give little Exp but map is very small. Poison Spore is around you.

Acolyte Level 40 – 50

Battle Acolyte
Orc Dun F1 is a good choice for you. Map is very small and easy to go from Prontera. Or You want outdoor. Orc Warrior and Orc Lady in Orc Villege is good too.

Optional : Sandman, Savage

Leeching Acolyte
You can find party at Sandman and Geograhper. Geographer is the best to find party(Mage and Archer like it). Geographer has good Exp. Sandman is good for malee class like Swordman, Thief, Merchant.

Acolyte Level 50 – 60(Job 50)

Battle Acolyte
Payon Dun F3. Bongun and Munuk are easy to kill and they have a good loot. Munak drop Shoes[1]. Bongun drop Ninja Suit.

Optional : Mummy, Zenorc, Sohee.

Leeching Acolyte
Like 40-50. Find party at Geographer or Glast Heim Underprison.

Fast Lane Leveling

Leaf Cat on Ayothaya Field (ayo_fild02)
Leaf Cat has high Job exp (1212 Job Exp). And drop good loot like Fig Leaf(269z) or Huge Leaf(305z). It’s sound good but beware Wootan Fighter. You can kill Leaf Cat by using Fire Bolt 10.
Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest

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