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The Fastest Way To Get Job 50 With Leaf Cat In Ayothaya Dungeon.

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You can change to class2 at job 40 but when you change at job 50. You have 10 skill point to learn skills. It’s a big difference between 2 players with Job 40 and Job 50. And some class has benefit when change class at Job 50 like Assassin(If you change at Job 50 you can choose weapon).

But We need many job EXP for job 41-50. Don’t worry about it. In Ragnarok Online, we have some monster that gives a very good job EXP. That’s Leaf Cat.

Leaf Cat

The Fastest Way to get Job 50

Leaf Cat gives 1,212 Job Exp(1,818 with Field Manual or 2,727 with Field Manual+Job Manual). It’s better than Myst Case or Argiope. Leaf Cat has 2396 Hp and weak with Fire.

Mage can kill Leaf Cat in 1 hit with Lv.10 Firebolt. Archer should use fire arrow. Another class, Dagger type weapon is a good choice because Leaf Cat is small size.

In addition, Leaf Cat also drops an expensive etc item like Huge Leaf(305z) and Fig Leaf(269z). It’s very good to make zeny.

If you want to hunt Leaf Cat, You must be passed Ayothaya Dungeon Access Quest.

Ayothaya Dungeon Access Quest

1. Talk to Dusit (ayothaya,83,132)
2. Talk to Boonthom (ayo_in01,181,193)
3. Give Item to Boonthom.

Needle Packet x 1 from Hylozoist in niflheim
Spool x 1 from Hylozoist in niflheim
Solid Husk x 1 from Beetle King in umbala
Holy Water x 1 from Acolyte or Priest.

Note: PHRO use Nine Tails and Fabric instead of Needle Packet and Spool

4. She will give you a Holy Threads.
Note: You must do this quest by myself. You can’t buy Holy Threads from other players.
5. Talk to Puraim(ayo_fild01,129,197) with the Holy Threads in your inventory.

By Leaf Cat, You can get Job 50 in 1-3 hours depending on your class. My Merchant takes 2 hours to get Job 50 with NPC Damascus. It’s easier to leveling with Myst Case or Argiope.

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  1. Hi sir/maam! Im a newbie in pRO, is it possible for me to obtain those item requirements as of now? Im just a lvl 46 thief.. Thanks a lot!

    • I think merchant will find item to sell for you. It’s very hard to find by myself when level 46.
      but you can steal and fly wing. Good Luck.

    • It’s not a good idea at that level. The monsters have high damage, hit and flee requirements. I just got some for my alts and even with bubblegum the drop rate is not that great for some of the items.

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