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Auto Blitz Hunter Build in RevoClassic & RE:START. Status Skill Equipment.

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Hi, I’m ICE from Youtube Kamonway.

To day. I will guide you about Blitz Hunter. This guide can use in Ragnarok RevoClassic and RE:START server.

In Renewal System. Blitz Hunter not different from the past. Falcon is ignored DEF and Flee(not change anything). but my guide isn’t pure Blitz because it’s hard to play and take too much time for kill.


– No need high-cost equipment.
– Auto Blitz ignores Def.
– A sound of Blitz like a machine gun. Haha.


– You need job 41+ for 5 hit auto blitz.
– Ds damage lower than Ds build but not ugly.
– Sorry for MVP hunter. It’s not good for that.

My base stat for Blitz build

Str 11
Agi 95
Vit 21
Int 30
Dex 61
Luk 60
Yes, I know.You think it’s like hybrid hunter build.
Str for carrying more arrows.
Int 30 for auto Blitz total damage is 1000.
3 Luk = 1% chance to auto blitz.
Note : If you want to play pure blitz. Change Dex to Luk.


Basic Cost

Mid Cost

Note : Archer Set Card gives you a high damage. If you have high Dex.
Note2 : If you are pure blitz. Don’t use archer set card.Try to use composite bow with status card like Magnolia Card or Savage Baby Card.

Skill Archer

Skill Hunter

Focus on Falconry Mastery 10 and Steel Crow 10. You can use Ankle Snare for stop monster. Sometime you can use Blast Mine for leveling with Anolian becuase you have Dex and Int.

Leveling Guide

13 – 25 Payon Cave1
Stay focus on Dex. After Dex 50 then go to Agi 50. Kill everything on your screen. Use silver arrow.

25 – 35 Muka Hode
At first time focus on Muka. It’s easy to kill with Fire Arrow. After 30. Try to kill Hode.

35 – 55 Geograher or Leaf Cat
If you need level and job go to Geograher. If you want job only go to leaf cat. Need to buy Gukkung for good damage.

55 – 60 Geograher
It’s easy place for good Exp. haha.
Note : After change to Hunter. Use Hunter Bow for improve your atk.

60 – 70 Fur Seal, Pyramid 4
Beware water attack skill from Seal. It’s can send you to kafra. Pyramid4 is very good, If you party with Priest.

70 – 80 Clock, Dyard
I think Clock is better. Becuase It’s drop Elunium and stay near a kafra.

80 – 90 Stalactic Golem, Turtle Island, Alarm
You don’t worry about monster Def because of auto Blitz. Stalactic Golem is Elunium factory for me.

90 – 99 Medusa, F2, Turtle Island
Now you can go anywhere you want. let’s have fun with auto Blitz.

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