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Crusader Holy Cross Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic & Re:Start

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Today I will talk about Crusader Holy Cross build. This build is so popular because Skill Holy Cross make very high damage. Someone can kill Raydric in 1 hit or Holy cross damage over 10k.

Crusader Holy Cross is spam skill build. We use a lot of blue potion. This build uses 2-Handed Spear only. That is why we can’t use a shield.


– Skill Holy Cross damage will double when using 2-Handed Spear.
– Skill Holy Cross damage is always holy element.
– Very fast leveling class.
– They have a spacial map to make money.
– Undead and Dark monster are your favorite.


– You need too many blue potions. a lot.
– You can use shield
– You can’t change element. It’s alway Holy.

Status Guide

Crusader Holy Cross Agi Build

Str 80
Agi 90
Vit 47
Int 1
Dex 40
Lik 1
Note : Focus on Agi and Str for increase damage and Aspd. Sometimes you can use snake head hat and leveling with a normal attack. You can reach Aspd 190 with full buff.

Crusader Holy Cross PVP WoE Build

Str 80
Agi 47
Vit 90
Int 1
Dex 40
Lik 1
Note : This build focus on Str and Vit. Total vit 100 is required for WoE to immune stun. You should add some Agi for Aspd. You can reach Aspd 185 with full buff.

Crusader Holy Cross Money Maker Build

Str 85
Agi 61
Vit 50
Int 50
Dex 40
Lik 1
Note : This build like Agi style but add some Int for Sp recovery and effective with blue potions. Save your blue potions cost. Sohee card is needed for this build. You can use 1-2 ESB only per hour.

Swordman Skill Guide

Crusader Skill Guide

If you have budget go to Holy Cross 10 first. but if you not have moeny to buy blue potions. Go to spear mastery 10 and spear quicken 10 then Holy Cross.


Low Cost

High Cost

Note : You can use lance from until buy Trident[3 Santa] or Trident[3 Hydra]. Focus on atk. You can kill Raydric in 1 hit.

Crusader Leveling Spots

1 – 13 Traning Ground
13 – 25 Prontera Culvert F2
25 – 35 Coco, Smokie, Wolf
35 – 45 Muka Hode
45 – 60 Sandman, Myst Case, Argiope
60 – 70 Isis, Marduk, Fur Seal
70 – 80 Niflheim 1 – 2
80 – 99 Anubis

Crusader Holy Cross build has very high single target damage and easy to play. but you need to have money to buy blue potions or have some Int for Sp Regeneration. This build needs Sohee Card or marries with priest to transfer SP.

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  1. how good is “Crusader Holy Cross Money Maker Build” actually planing to make crusader on upcoming new server i have never play crusader before but base on video i saw kinda easy just spam holy shit cross . is it a good starting class?

  2. in revo classic, whats the best pvp carded trident?

    is it 2x hydra 1x skel worker trident or 3x hydra trident or 2xhydra 1x zipper bear? thanks

  3. hi there buddy currently i already made a swordsman to make it crusader just as i saw your guide i want to make it money maker build but my stats is already different i have
    str 61
    agi 75
    dex 20
    int luk vit 1

    currently at lvl 70, what would you suggest to make it possible on money maker build. Also i have a question with that item in your high cost items is it possible to 1 hit tamruan or raydric? Also i have +7 trident[3] can u suggest what cards should i put on it if i’m going to use it to farm in raydric, geffenia, tamruan, and anubis for leveling 😀

  4. for Crusader Holy Cross Money Maker Build
    stat int 50,is it useful? does it work if you are overweight?
    This build is good on geffenia after lvl 85+?
    May I know what equip/card for geffenia?

  5. HI! What if I use +10 pike[4] 2bloody 2hallowed to a raydric? Will it deal more damage or triple hallowed trident is better?

      • Im planning on taking shield skills esp reflect for my vit-type and I also wanna use HC. If atk of weapon was priority then I’ll get a one-handed weapon that has better atk. I do realize that my HC will be sub par compared to those who are using two handed spear.

        Can you suggest any one-handed weapon with the best attack available in revo-classic? ty in advance.

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    • when you using Two-Handed spear weapon. Holy cross damage will double.
      Sword type Atk 100 use hc 4000 damage.
      Two-hand spear type Atk 100 use hc 8000 damage.

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