Wednesday, June 19

Caster Sage Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic & Re:Start

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Hi. I’m ICE from youtube Kamonway. Today I will show you how to play Caster Sage. I know you think Sage is like Mage. But Sage has some skill to support itself. Let’s see.

Caster Sage play like Mage style. You can leveling with Fire bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt. You have 1 AOE skill Thunder Storm. when you change to sage. You cast magic and walk at the same time by Free Cast.

Status Guide Caster Sage Build

Str 1
Agi 1
Vit 27
Int 95
Dex 92
Luk 17
Note : Focus on Int and Dex for increase damage and reduce cast time. Put some Vit for max hp.

Mage Skill Guide

Note : Get Fire Bolt 10 faster as you can. Earth element monster can kill in 1 time with Fire bolt 10.

Sage Skill Guide


Pink Pajamas Hat [Evil Nymph Card]
Rainbow Scarf
Silk Robe [Loli Ruri Card]
Sage’s Diary [Drop Card * 2]
Memory Book [Parasite Card]
Muffler [Harpy Card]
Shoer [Miyabi Doll Card]
Pocket Watch
Glove [Bloody Butterfly Card]
Note : This is mage set card. Combo Effect: DEF+5. MDEF+5. Maximum HP+500. Inflict 10% more damage with Fire, Cold and Lightning Bolt skill. MATK+3%. Reduce Casting Time by 15%.
Note2 : Monocle + Memory Book + Pocket Watch. Combo Effect: HP and SP Recovery + 15%, MATK + 7%

Sage Leveling Spots

1 – 13 Traning Ground
13 – 20 Rocker [Fire Bolt]
20 – 30 Coco, Smokie, Wolf [Fire Bolt]
Note : You should buy high Matk staff to make higt damage.
30 – 40 Muka, Hode [Fire Bolt]
40 – 60 Geographer [Fire Bolt]
60 – 70(99) Byalan Island Dungeon F5 Merman
70 – 99 Anolian

If you party with priest. You can mobbing Anolian and kill with Thunder Storm. or you can solo kill in Byalan. If you want to try a new way of mage. You should try.

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