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Crusader Critical Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic & Re:Start

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Today I will talk about Crusader Critical build. This build is so amazing because Crusader Critical makes very high critical damage. Aspd 190 is easy to make by this build.

Crusader critical build is a very good build for critical attack. We need some Luk for Critical Rate 90%+ and need some Agi for Aspd 190. I think this build is easier to play than Assassin Critical Build. Spear Quicken gives Hit+30 and Critical+30 for 5 minutes. And you have Holy Cross.


– Skill Spear Quicken give Critical Rate +30%, Hit+30 and Aspd.
– When riding in pecopeco. You can attack 100% with medium size and large size.
– You can make Aspd 190 easily without Sparking Candy.


– You can use Holy Cross but you need hit to attack don’t miss.
– You can’t use shield.
– You not have AOE skill.

Status Guide Crusader Critical Build

Str 80
Agi 90
Vit 27
Int 1
Dex 1
Luk 56
Note : Focus on Agi and Str for increase damage and Aspd. Put some Luk for Critical Rate. You can reach Aspd 190 with Thief Card Set.

Status Path Guide
Str 9 Agi 9 Vit 9
Agi 50 Str 30
Agi 80 Luk 56
Agi 90 Str 80
Vit 27

Why critical rate 90%

Spear Quicken +30%
Crescent Scythe +30%
Status (Luk 60) +20%
Kobold Card*2 = +8%
Food Luk (Luk+10) +3%
Total Critical Rate = 30+30+20+8+3 = 91%

Swordman Skill Guide

Crusader Skill Guide

Go to spear mastery 10 and spear quicken 10 then Holy Cross. Spear Quicken give you a Hit+30 and Critical Rate+30.


Low Cost

Mid Cost

High Cost

Credit image from Youtube ทศพร ไชยศรี
Note : You can use lance from until buy Crescent Scythe. Let’s rock with critical.

Crusader Leveling Spots

1 – 13 Traning Ground
13 – 25 Prontera Culvert F2
25 – 35 Coco, Smokie, Wolf
Note : You should buy Pantie and Undershirt faster as you can. It’s help you to dodge monster and save potion cost.
35 – 45 Muka Hode
45 – 60 Sandman, Myst Case, Argiope
Note : After change to crusader. Buy lance from NPC and Kobold card 2 ea(Clip or Belt). Your life will better.
60 – 70 Isis, Marduk, Fur Seal, Sleeper
Note : Crescent Scythe is must for this build. Your life is beautiful when you have it.
70 – 80 Orc Villege High Orc, Minorous, Stalactic Golem, Clocl, Alarm
80 – 99 Anubis, Pasana, Medusa,Raydric.
Note : Sometime you can play like Holy Cross style becuase you high hit rate by Spear Quicken with 1 Dex.

I think Crusader Critical Build is very strong critical build than other class. They do not need high-end equipment like Critical Assassin. This build can reach Aspd 190 easily and get Critical Damage 1,000+. Fast walk, Aspd 190, High Critical Damage, Very high single target skill(Holy cross). It’s awesome.

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  1. In the long run, is it still better than Assassin? I mean when Assassin Cross & Paladin came, this build is still better? Thanks! Will wait for your reply! 🙂

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